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命はないのに、あったかい。心を満たすロボットのプロジェクトで、形状デザインを担当しています。代表の林要さんとは、トヨタ自動車製品企画室出身という共通した経歴があり、ご縁をいただきました。「多様な意見や情報を前に社内でコンセプトがぶれそうになった時も、根津さんと私が常にシンクロしてここまで来ている事が、プロジェクトが着実に前進している理由の一つだと思います。」「どんな困難な時も味方でいてくれて、どんな時も決して手を抜かない仕事をする根津さんには心底、感謝しています」(林要さん)グッドデザイン金賞 2020(経済産業大臣賞)第23回文化庁メディア芸術祭審査委員会推薦日本パッケージデザイン大賞2021特別賞CES 2020 INNOVATION AWARDCOOL JAPAN AWARD 2019日本感性工学会 かわいい感性デザイン賞 2019 最優秀賞THE VERGE AWARDS AT CES 2019 'BEST ROBOT'engadget 'The Best of CES 2019' Finalist 受賞。


No heartbeat, but heart-warming! I provided the styling design to create this comforting, lovable companion robot. Kaname Hayashi, the founder and CED of GROOVE X and I both have worked at the creative department of Toyota Motor Corporation, which resulted in our collaboration. Hayashi remarked, “One of the major reasons why this project could move forward this far is that Kota and I had been steadily in sync even when too many different opinions collided with each other within the team and the project concept came close to falling apart,” “I’m truly grateful Kota never failed to give us unconditional support and did his utmost through and through.” Since LOVOT was launched in 2019, it received numerous awards; Good Design Gold Award/Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award 2020, The 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Selections, Japan Package Design Awards 2021 Special Award, CES 2020 Innovation Award, Cool Japan Award 2019, Japan Society of Kansei Engineering (JSKE) Kawaii Award 2019 the Best Award, the Verge Award at CES 2019 Best Robot, engadget the Best of CES 2019 Finalist.



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