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TAMIYA MINI 4WDs, Radio Control Cars

2013, 2015, 2016, 2021 (C) Tamiya, Inc.

styling, logo design, naming



Astralster and RAIKIRI are palm-sized racing toy cars. Unlike the conventional Mini 4WDs, they are designed to be precise 1:10 scale models of the actual cars. Their sophisticated realistic styling established a new genre called “authentic car style.” Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya, the chairman of TAMIYA wished these realistic models would be great introduction for the car-loving kids, then they would advance to the next levels like larger radio-controlled vehicles and actual cars in the future. Such ambition drove us through from Astralster released in 2013 to RAIKIRI in 2015. RAIKIRI was also produced as a radio-controlled model. This RC RAIKIRI excels in aerodynamics and it has become the popular model for the official racing tournaments by TAMIYA. I felt very honored when Mr. Tamiya said, “Your design is always immaculate with such refined lines!” because the TAMIYA products always have nurtured my passion for design since childhood. It was truly a dream come true that I could finally contribute to them.



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タミヤ ミニ四駆 アストラルスター

定価 ¥1,080(税込)

実売価格 ¥700(税込)程度

タミヤ ミニ四駆 ライキリ

定価 ¥1,080(税込)

実売価格 ¥700(税込)程度

タミヤ ミニ四駆 ライキリ クリアボディ

定価 ¥518(税込)

実売価格 ¥400(税込)程度

タミヤ 電動RC ライキリ(キット)

定価 ¥12,960(税込)

実売価格 ¥11,000(税込)程度

タミヤ 電動RC ライキリ(完成品・プロポ付)

定価 ¥27,864(税込)

実売価格 ¥19,000(税込)程度

タミヤ 電動RC ライキリ スペアボディ

定価 ¥4,320(税込)

実売価格 ¥3,500(税込)程度

タミヤ エンジンRC ライキリ(キット・ワイドボディ)

定価 ¥48,384(税込)

実売価格 ¥37,000(税込)程度

タミヤ エンジンRC ライキリ(完成品・ナローボディ)

定価 ¥59,400(税込)

実売価格 ¥46,000(税込)程度