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水の波紋が床に投影されるスツール。レンズ形状の水槽と、それを上から照らす高輝度LEDが内蔵されています。座っている人の振動が水面に波紋を生み、その自然なゆらめきを床面に投影します。ミラノデザインウィーク2005出展。"Avverati - A Dream Come True"(Salone Satellite 10周年記念展)選出。


The RIPPLE STOOL is a stool that projects water ripple movement on the floor. The mechanism consists of a lens-shaped water tank and high-brightness LEDs above. The ripples are naturally affected by the user’s movement and sway along, creating constantly changing, dynamic pattern on the floor. It was exhibited at the Milan Desgin Week 2005, and was selected for "Avverati - A Dream Come True,” the 10th anniversary exhibition of Salone Satellite.